Size Chart

 To find out the size of your footwear, measure the distance between the tip of your big toe and your heel, then see equivalent measure in the table below:
Size Measure
25 23,5cm
26 24,2cm
27 24,8cm
28 25,5cm
29 26,2cm
30 26,8cm
31 27,5cm
32 28,2cm
33 28,8cm
34 29,5cm
35 30,2cm

Hiking Dockside


Product details

The Hiking Dockside Piet shoe was born not long ago, but it can already be considered one of the great classics of the brand. The unusual combination of a classic shape with elements used in outdoor sports, such as eyelets and extra laces, makes the Hiking Dock an original shoe, with unique presence and extreme versatility, that can be used in more formal looks or even in more street options.
Size Chart